- Pentium with at least PI-90MHz (not too fast for some features, e.g. the statistic or create some pics)
- more than 32 MB RAM
- at least 100 MB diskspace (RAWT is small, but remember the database and the temp. files :-)
- don't forget the connection to the network if you want to use clients
- every computer which is fast enough to browse the internet
- don't forget the connection to the network
- Linux: RedHat, Fedora, SuSE, ...
- Apache webserver
- Postgres database
- PHP4
- GD-Library
If you have a modern LINUX (RedHAT >= 7.2, SUSE > 8.0, etc.) just install postgreSQL server and client, Apache Webserver and modPHP for Apache, and you should be ready to run RAWT)
- your favourite OS
- your favourite webbroser (it should be a modern graphical one with JavaScript)
(e.g. Mozilla, Firefox,