Created a new release.


Some new features of RAWT designed in the last few days:
- The worldclock shows the time of your favourite countries.
- You can configure some colors of RAWT if you are logged in.
- some other small features...


In the last weeks sources are better designed in some tools. So there is time for a small info.
There's no new release available. All sources are available in CVS-repository.

The new IOTA-Tool listed infos about islands in the world. You need a database update to use it!

All calculations in the locatortool are without bugs.

During the last two contests the contestlogger was tested in real conteststress. So the realease 0.3.0 includes these features and repaired bugs.
Now new bugs are fixed and some new features were added. So the statistic includes an autorange for the y-scale.


A new release is ready.
The demo is up to date.

In addition to a locator you can use geographical coordinates in the locatortool.
Please activate the cronjob to delete old temp. PNGs now (tool:!

RAWTs logo (PNG and GIF) is ready.

The databasecontent is up to date.
The DB-user is rawt and the DB calls rawt now.

Some (ok - a lot of) bugs were fixed. :-)

One (or better two) more tools are available.
You can display rxfiles from other programs (hfterm, fsk441).
So you can watch to the meteorscatter frequency or to the admins-rttycontest :-)
These tools are configured global in rawt.ini to activate them. Try it and have fun with experiences.

The countrytool shows some more infos about the country (ITU-, CQ- and timezone).


There's a lot of changed and modified in sourcecode you can find in CVS:

Now we provide some selfmade maps in the locatortool. The location of the maps are stored in database.

All inputs are saved in the Moon/Sun calculator if you calculate a new locator.
Inputs of geographical coordinates are valid and now the calculation of the loacator is added.

The beacons are stored in database and all JavaScript-Arrays based on these datas.
If you are logged out RAWT the locator of the beacons was shown. If you are logged in you see angle and distance to the beacon from your own locator. You can't change it.

The beacon- and locatortool needs more tables in database. Update with Postgres needs following syntax if logged in database:
\i path/db_rawt_map_beacon.txt

01.12.2003 In the CVS-repository a moon/sun calculation-tool is available.
You can see and test it on our demo.
27.11.2003 The info homepage was modified. Now german and english text is available.
04.10.2003 The NCDXF beacon tool is available in the latest and stable version.
30.08.2003 The RAWT project was one of a lot of interesting lectures at the "Weinheimer UKW Tagung".
Here you can see some pictures.
30.04.2003 A demoversion of RAWT is now available which is stable enough for your first tests.
Now all features are better to use and the biggest bugs are found.
You can test this features:
- Login (let's create your own account to use the contesttool)
- Contesttool
- Locatortool
- Prefix- & Countrytool
10.01.2003 A new project for amateur radio was born. The radio amateur web tool (RAWT) is now under sourcecontrol.