The RAWT is an amateur radio tool special designed for the web.
It is (or better, will be, :-) ) a set of tools useful for radio-amateurs. The tools run as client-server programs, and have all the same "look-and-feel".
The server runs a webserver (apache) and a database (currently, only postgreSQL is supported). The clients contact the server with common internet browsers (see "tested browsers" below), all communications between the server and the client goes over normal http (or, in the future, optional https) connections.
This model makes it possible to connect a number of clients to ONE server, all clients sharing the same database.
This could be useful in contests, or it would even be possible to setup a RAWT-server in the www, and connect clients with common PPP-connections, making statistical data etc. available to every HAM throughout the world.

The first program we will develop is a contest-logger, with a self-learning DB, and capable of logging every kind of contest in the HAM's world.
As the DB grows (e.g. on a server in the WWW, used by a number of contest groups), it becomes more and more possible that RAWT can help you in a contest, providing you the operator's details (locator, ITU-zone, etc.) when you type in just the callsign (or a part of it).

Many other services for radio amateurs (satellite tracking, etc.) are planned.
If you have any idea what could be useful, just write a mail to the user's mailinglist.

Tested browsers:
Linux: Mozilla, Konqueror, Netscape, Lynx (Lynx doesn't really support auto-refresh, but you CAN use it, :-) )
Windows: Internet Explorer, Netscape, Phoenix, Mozilla