- only server-applications (based on an apache-webserver (PHP4, GD-library) and a postgres database)
- all clients with a webbrowser are supported
- simple to use
- for some tools a login is required
- only one inputfield for all datas and commands
- a radarpicture shows all QSO-ranges and angles if enabled
- a textbased statistic is available, the pics in the statistic are switchable
  (the statistic is shown in an own webbrowser)
- calculate distance and angles between two locators,
  geographical coordinates (decimal) are supported
- create a radarpic or a map to show the distance and the locators
  (if the map is selected the direct way is shown)
Prefix- & Countrytool
- analyze the prefix or the callsign and show the country
- you can search for a special country, too
- there are infos about ITU-, CQ- and timezone available
NCDXF beacon
- show all active beacons
- show following beacons (only prefix)
- show locator of active beacons (if logged out)
- show distance and angle (if logged in)
- triggered with servers or local time
- optimized in JavaScript
- show "Islands On The Air"
- show time of selected countries
- save automatically config of logged in users
HFTermRX and FSK411RX
- show rxfiles of hfterm and fsk441 (LinWSJT) in a browser